Leadership and Change

Kendall Lyman & Tony Daloisio

Co-Authors of Change the Way You Change! 5 Roles of Leaders Who Accelerate Business Performance

The ability to accelerate organizational change is arguably the most important role of a leader, yet one of the least understood. While individual leaders may excel at creating long-range strategy or executing short-term plans few have mastered the art of getting people to change the way they approach their jobs. Great leaders of change positively impact business performance by fundamentally working differently than most leaders in four ways. First, they change how they think and talk about change. Second, they change their approach to change by engaging both individuals and the organization. Third, they elevate what they do as a leader and the roles they play. And fourth, they increase their own leadership capacity and then the collective capacity of all the leaders in the organization. The only way to survive as a leader in the 21st century is to make change part of your leadership agenda.


Kendall Lyman and Tony Daloisio are TLC certified practitioners who have integrated Mastering Leadership into how they help individuals, teams, and organizations around the world to navigate change, improve engagement, and transform culture. Pulling from research over the last ten years while working with companies like TrueCar, Lowe’s, Comcast, Sun Life Financial, Emory University Health Care, Kellogg’s, New York Life, and Eli Lilly, they will share how changing a team or a business requires both an inside-out approach (thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors) and an outside-in approach (process, structure, and systems). Research shows that less than 30% of change efforts succeed. In any other profession, a 70% failure rate would be unacceptable. It’s time we make it so in the professional ranks of leadership.

Mindfulness and the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

Ruth Zaplin

Research on the benefits of mindfulness—paying attention in the present moment—has greatly influenced thinking in a number of fields including leadership development. This session explains how mindfulness meditation, as a foundational practice, cultivates a higher level of self-awareness and how it serves as a gateway for stepping out of the embeddedness of reactive styles and toward the development of creative competencies and a more vital way of being in the world. Participants will learn the benefits of mindfulness for leading in today’s complex world, the power of mindfulness to change unwanted habits, and several mindfulness practices.

A senior student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a seminal teacher of the Kagyü lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, Ruth has been practicing meditation since 1977. Over the past 15 years, as a Professor in the Department of Public Administration and Policy and Director of Executive Coaching for Key Executive Leadership Programs in the School of Public Affairs at American University, Ruth incorporates mindfulness in leadership curriculum development, teaching, and coaching.

In Her Element: Women in Leadership

Paula Winkler & Laura Woodward

With Jeb Bates

Paula co-owns and manage ‘The Disruptive Element’ TM. We have many years (ok, a combined 55+ years) of experience as executives in large corporations. As certified coaches we have taken our experience, combined with our frustration with what is available in the market today in terms of non-technical development and are focused on really making a difference in the world of coaching, leadership development and OD (Organizational Development/Design). We are all about disrupting individuals/teams current thought processes creating the environment for meaningful, sustainable results. 

session 4 Laura .jpg

Our philosophy is that all sustainable development and growth begins with raising self awareness and identifying patterns of thought and behavior that drive the results we see in our lives today. One of our focus areas happens to be in an area where we have a lot of experience, women in leadership. Turns out the research says that women develop differently than men (who knew?) and that we are not all that good at supporting each other. We have taken our philosophy and combined it with a love for building strong communities and created a program we call ‘In Her Element’™. Join us to explore how we combine using the LCP and Neuroscience to raise awareness in a deeply personal and impactful way that helps women find their voice, as well as their courage and the energy to act.

This session is open for both men and women. 

The TLC Mat: Bringing the Circle to Life

Peggy McAllister


Most of us have seen The Leadership Circle™ Mat, but what can you do with it? Join Peggy McAllister for an experiential introduction to activities you can use with your clients on the TLC Mat. She will introduce activities for groups who are just discovering their profiles, for leadership teams who want to explore together and evolve their business and team challenges, and for use in “just in time” work during critical team conversations. We will also open up the conversation for other coaches to share best practices. There will be plenty of time for your questions. And TLC will be taking orders for Mat purchases (at a Summit discount of course!)

Peggy McAllister has used the TLC Mat with hundreds of executives and their teams globally, with high-potential leader groups, and even with Catholic nuns! She is currently CEO and Executive Coach of Essential Leadership, and focuses on bringing her “Return to Wholeness” retreats and coaching to executive coaches and purpose-driven leaders in the US and abroad.

The Samurai Samba Vinci™ Way

How to Improve Executive Presence, Increase Trust and
Lead your team at a world-class level

Claudio Toyama

Join us for this high-performance leadership presentation and learn the importance of being a masterful practitioner at your chosen craft as well as being in touch with “who you are being” when delivering it. In this interactive session, Claudio will be presenting his new content that will be published in his book, most recently presented at West Point’s Leadership Speakers Academy in October 2016 alongside astronaut Buzz Aldrin and other revered global business leaders.

Award-winning speaker Claudio Toyama is CEO of Toyama & Co., an international leadership consultancy specialized in building sustainable peak performance cultures. He has conducted projects in 113 countries, traveled to over 40 of them and has lived in five different countries on four continents. With multiple certifications and two-plus decades of global business experience, he helps companies fulfill their potential through leadership development, employee engagement and customer experience.

Relationship Selling and The Leadership Circle

Tom Athenour & Carl Benscoter

Does the thought of selling your consulting services make you anxious? Well you’re not alone; and it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s the deal, Carl and Tom combined have nearly 50 years of experience selling training, coaching and consulting services; and our goal is to help you grow your business so you can enjoy doing the work that you love.

During this workshop, Carl and Tom will explore strategies and tactics to help you grow your consulting business. We will focus our discussion on foundational consultative sales methodologies and tools that you can implement with all of your solutions, including but not limited to, Leadership Circle offerings. Because most people struggle with how to facilitate effective sales calls, we will target the following three goals:

1)     Provide a playbook for facilitating an effective sales call with both existing and prospective clients  

2)     Explore how to identify talent development opportunities

3)     Outline how to position the Leadership Circle products to help you grow your business

About Your Presenters:

Tom Athenour is the co-founder and a principal of StarQuest Group, based in Colorado. StarQuest works with clients to increase their leadership effectiveness and achieve their growth objectives. Tom is certified in the TLC Profile and Leadership Systems.

Carl Benscoter is senior vice president at Full Circle Group and the Leadership Circle responsible for global growth and client relations. Carl is certified in a number of instruments and has been in the leadership and assessment business for nearly twenty years.

Sparking Collaborative Spirit

Chris Thorsen, Jim Anderson, Dean Hanniball


An experiential mindfulness session exploring somatic presence as a portal to Integrative Leadership. Reporting out 5 years of action research by The Energy Lab, a group of FCG/TLC associates, on how to help folks experience the distinctly different felt/sense of each of the Reactive, Creative and Integrated awareness domains. Heighten your awareness by immersion in embodied, energetic presence with a new Sensory Exploration Kit. Discover deeper Leadership Presence through inner mastery practices drawn from Chi Gung, Tai Chi and Aikido. Practice sensing the energies in a complex relational field and allowing the path of least resistance to emerge.

Accelerating Executive Development using a Narrative-Based Approach

Padraig O'Sullivan & David Spach

Its easy to sell a 360 profile debrief or a short-term coaching engagement as a way of helping a leader. But adding a bit more rigor can mean deeper, faster leader development that will carry forward into the future. By listening in specific ways to client’s narratives about their situation, we can recognize patterns and tap into the power of scenario-based framing. Knowing how illuminate and frame scenarios allows us consultants to build more dynamic, impactful and longer-term engagements. 

Patterns play out around such scenarios as:

A successful founder struggling to relinquish a tight grip on the organization.
A stretch leadership assignment overseas.
A new CEO coming on board.
A disconnected Top Team struggling to lead a business transformation.

Come engage with Leadership Circle/Full Circle Group Partners Padraig O’Sullivan and David Spach as they share a systematic approach to deepening and accelerating this work. In this session, David and Padraig will lay out what they are calling a “4PN" approach, share examples and practical tips, and discuss applications. Discussion will be interactive, with the intent to equip you with a clear logic you can utilize in your own client opportunities.