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Beena Sharma is Founding President of the Center for Leadership Maturity (CLM) with Co-Founder Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter. Beena is a certified rater of the MAP (Maturity Assessment for Professionals), the most widely researched measure of adult development in the field. Beena along with Dr. Cook-Greuter is the co-developer of the practice Leadership Maturity Coaching™, and certifies Coaches who undertake advanced learning in how to practice coaching that is tailored to stage development. Having worked deeply with Polarities since 1997, Beena’s unique contribution lies in evolving the idea and practice of Polarity Wisdom as a high leverage approach to enable vertical development in leaders. Beena actively integrates Voice Dialogue and Clean Language in her coaching practice.  Trained in whole system change, Beena extends her change work with the application of Vertical Development theory and Polarity Wisdom in delivering complex, large scale change efforts. Beena is a Certified Holacracy Practitioner, aspiring to impact organizational maturity through postconventional approaches to governance in complex systems.

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Gayle Karen Young is a culture-builder and a catalyst for human and organizational development. She comes from a rich organizational consulting background with both corporate and nonprofit clients. She was in process of becoming a monk when she became an executive instead, taking on the role of Chief Culture and Talent Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia and its sister free-knowledge projects) until early 2015, when she decided to return to private practice and working with Full Circle Group (she worked with them as a Senior Consultant until 2009, when it was Maxcomm).  Born in the Philippines to Chinese parents and raised in the United States, she has a multicultural perspective, an adventurous spirit, and a deep commitment to expanding human freedom. 

Gayle works to create dynamic organizational cultures in which people can thrive and thus make greater contributions. She acts as the interface between individuals and the systems within which they work, and fosters the development of both. From high-level strategic thinking to practical implementation, her skills include leadership development, change management, instructional design, training, strategic communications, team building, and personal and organizational transformation. Gayle has a rare capacity to hold multiple perspectives at once, remaining sensitive to the needs of diverse stakeholders and working for higher synthesis. Combining wisdom and warmth with expertise and effectiveness, she elicits trust and inspires transformation. Her clients have ranged from Kaiser Permanente to Yale University to Ernst & Young.

Gayle is passionate about global women’s issues and supporting women in leadership.  She has worked as a facilitator for the Stanford Graduate School of Business Interpersonal Dynamics course and their Women in Management program, and mentors for programs such as the Unreasonable Institute and Singularity University. She is keenly interested in the intersection of technology and human rights and supports futurist humanitarian causes.