Peter Breinholt has been delighting audiences with his self-styled music for decades. He has sold out every major concert hall in his home state of Utah many times over, including Kingsbury Hall, Capitol, Tuacahn and Sundance. His credits also include seven albums, a live DVD, songbooks, film scores, songwriting awards, and concerts with several symphony orchestras and choirs.

Here's how it all started: Born in Philadelphia, Peter taught himself to play piano and guitar mostly without help. Around age 11 he started coming up with his own songs, and by the time he was in high school in Salt Lake City, he was forming bands and performing throughout the region. While he was a student at the University of Utah, Breinholt self-financed his debut album and called it "Songs About The Great Divide".  The album went on to became one of the best-selling, independently released CDs ever in the state, almost entirely by word-of-mouth. Salt Lake Magazine described the album as "an underground classic". Since then, Breinholt's music has spread around the globe, seemingly by itself. He has performed everywhere from New York to Los Angeles, from Spokane to San Antonio.